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Krys's: Coastal & Maritime

Colour, Texture and Light


Krys was born in Sydney, raised in London and taught by Kyffin Williams RA before gaining a degree in Photography.

He spent much of his career in television, joining ITV as a trainee on Auf Weidersehen, Pet  in 1982 and still accepts work as a freelance cameraman - recently on stage with Spandau Ballet at the Royal Albert Hall.

Something of a polymath, he has been a writer, musician and award winning filmmaker.

Nowadays, however, he channels his energies exclusively into his Art.



Travel has always been a major inspiration, often concentrating on unusual vistas and architectural detail. So, too, has the sea and fishing paraphernalia.


His first show, Crate Art, was a series of Irish and Icelandic seascapes painted in three dimensions and mounted into driftwood frames. This sort of innovation has been at the centre of his work which makes extensive use of stencils and masking, etching surfaces with solvents and texturing with tissue paper and marble dust.

More recently, he has applied some of the same techniques to the female form, producing a wide repertoire of collectible figure work. This may sound like an arbitrary, eclectic mix but they’re united by what he’s really painted in each: beautiful colours, alluring textures and evocative light.

Boats agains Antarctic coast
Painting of old whaling station
Painting of floats
Boats on water in a driftwood frame
Lighthouse and dramatic sky
Painting of beach pebbles
Boat beached on the sand
Detail of wrecked boat
Fishing net and boats on a beach
Painting of beach pebbles
Painting of woman cleaning fish
Painting of old boats
Beach pebbles
Beach pebbles
Painting of old boat hull
Painting of Icelandic buildings and coast
Painting of beach pebbles
Painting of Portuguese fishing boat
Painting of Icebergs
Painting of trees and mountain
Painting of Holkham Beach, Norfolk
Penguins at the Antarctic
Man painting his boat
Boat floats in a net
Beach pebbles
Painting of boat in Antarctica
Painting of old boat
Beach pebble
Painting of details of a boat
Painting of ships in harbour
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