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Tracy: Graphics & Photography

Drawing, drawing .... photography


Words and pictures

Poster art is something Tracy has always admired. Mixing drawing, poetry, photography, writing, shapes and textures is irrestistable.

The series of images featuring elegant women wearing mid 20th century fashion were created for an art show based on the female form. Tracy made drawings from the fashion photography of the time and created all the textures and colours on the computer. Lunch in Town shows a Norwich shawl design she constructed from her watercolour of a section of an original shawl - a long and technical task!

World War I has been very much on Tracy's mind since she studied the poets of that time at school. The 100th anniversary of the outbreak of war, and a visit to the Royal Artillery monument in Hyde Park prompted the four posters shown here.

The well travelled photographer


From North to South and all points East

It would be an understatement to say that Tracy has a passion for photography. She takes a camera practically everywhere and has used it as a sketchbook for some years, amassing a vast number of images from her travels to Iceland, Ireland, Australia, Africa and the Galapagos.


Aged 8 she began with black and white film, going on to develop and print from her own negatives with her father in a home-made darkroom. She misses the days of film. However, digital photography has opened up exciting ways to rework her photos - such as in the series of vintage-inspired images of the Antarctic.


Ever present is that fabulous Antarctic trip of 2009. The ideas she gets from her experience at the Peninsula, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands are never likely to be exhausted. During the trip she took over 5,300 shots!

Print and the graphic arts


Printing and the computer image

Tracy's graphic work is created from a combination of her archive of photos, drawings and scanned items. She uses computer filters, creating and experimenting with multiple layers to create interesting effects.

The results are quite different from her hand printed work, in that she can introduce delicate and complex elements difficult to achieve on the printing press.

The work is printed by Ashley Ads in Norwich, specialists with state of the art equipment who enjoy working with artists. Working with them Tracy has been able to work on a larger scale.

Man playing accordian in front of ship
Vies of South Georgia
Beached rusting whaling vessel
Woman surrounded by moths
Peguins on a berg
WW1 poem and imagery
Whale skull and old harpoons
Penguins leaping out of the water
Gentoo Penguin with chicks
Photos of icebergs
WW1 poem and imagery
Fashionable woman from the 50's
Fashionable woman on Cromer Pier
Elegant woman with a Norwich shawl
Designs based on vintage studio photo of a woman
WW1 poem and imagery
Old whaler's boat
Caimen lying still in a pool
A couple dance the tango in a park
Inquisitive little monkey
WW1 poem and imagery
Images of the Farne Islands
Old whaler's Grave
Petrels flying over rough seas
Montage of images
Based on vintage photo of woman
woman in a corset, stretching
People amoung King Penguins
Jaguar stalking through undergrowth
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